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In 1962, Claude GOETZ and Jean DE HAES created the Karate school in Brussels, the ancestor of the CNK. In fact this is one of the first clubs in Europe where Karate was the only sport practiced. Claude and Jacques DELCOURT, who became president of the World Federation, trained in Paris together with Tsutomu OSHIMA, disciple of Giehin FUNAKOSHI.

The World Karate great masters, KASE, ENODEA, KASANAWA, SHIRAI and HARADA, regularly come over to teach to the Karate school, often referred to as the European School of Karate. With the complicity of his students, OSHIMA sets up the first competitions, prefigurating modern karate under its diverse forms like full contact and kickboxing.

Three years later, Claude GOETZ must reluctantly dissolve the School of Karate because of his professional occupations at RTL.

From Light to Full Contact

Early in 1970, GOETZ starts again a club of Karate in Brussels, the Standing Club which about six years later gets his definitive label CNK, (Centre National de Karate) National Center of Karate. Situated at the National Sports Center in Ixelles, the CNK becomes bigger and bigger, counting up to 450 users, not including various sections in Brussels and in the country. The CNK even has to regroup all of its clubs in the heart of the FBK (Fédération Bruxelloise de Karaté) Brussels Federation of Karate, regrouping for several years the clubs of taekwondo of Yong Kim.

The success of the CNK is due to the personality of Claude GOETZ and his modern training methods which set the tone for "all styles" and find their outcome in the Light Contact. The CNK organises the first open championship of Belgium in 1972, all the federations included, the "Coupe des Espoirs" in 1977 and the championship by teams in 1979. Without forgetting the first female championship, the mini competitions for the children and even a section reserved for the handicapped.

The "Coupe des Espoirs", attracts an unusual number of participants: often 500 fighters amongst whom Jean-Claude Van Damme and Angelo Spataro, later winner of the World Cup. The CNK is also interested in Full Contact which makes its appearance. In 1977, the club organises the first championship of Belgium in Full Contact in Brussels and in 1980 the world championship, Macaruso versus Valera. Dominique Valera and Claude Goetz are indeed friends and their stages attract 400 participants!!


The competitors of the club make their first appearance at the Belgium-Japan match in 1975. Jean PECOL followed by Jacques VAN LERBERGHE, nicknamed "Super" by Claude Goetz are called "impressive".

In either traditional karate or light contact, the CNK wins about one hundred titles, but not only in Belgium, but also in Europe and America. In 79 the Jean-Claude Van Vearenberge fight, is a determining factor and gives his club the opportunity to become  European champion and vice-champion of the world, in the WAKO Federation.

Confronted with a smaller budget, in 1980 Claude Goetz recenters his objectives on the national championships and the promotion of his fighting techniques. Four years later, in association with Willy CLAES, he takes over the splendid fitness room created by the Olympic champions of judo, Robert Vandewalle and Ingrid Bergmann and renames it: the GOLDEN CLUB

Today the CNK is incorporated in the Golden organisation. The club numbers about 200 members and his new team of competitors includes six professionals: Abdelhaq Bensalah, Nicolas Grégoire, Rudy Mukendi, Frédéric Aerts, Anthony Van Campen and Vincent Milioto, to which can be added foreigners or visitors. These fighters are trained every day, except Sundays, by Claude Goetz and they take part in European and international competitions each in their respective categories.

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